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MS Group (ISO 9001:2008) is private limited company started in 23rd August 2010. The major activity of the company is Mining and Mineral conservation for limited resources - mineral like manganese ore to Manganese Oxide Powder, Manganese Dioxide and Manganese Sulphate in India.

Mr. Satyabrata Satpathy is the founder of M.S. GROUP of companies and chairman of the company. He began his career as a Mining Engineer in 1990 and treasured experience of two decades with companies like; Western Coalfields Ltd., Saurashtra Cement Ltd., Bisra Stone Lime Co. Ltd., and Ispat Alloys Ltd.

MS Group’s major assets are prospecting licence for 5 nos. area allotted to our subsidiary company M.S. Mineral. Owing to own Mineral resources will make this company a very fast growing to reach many more targets in the industry.

In short, Company will have own Manganese Ore to process into Manganese Oxide, Manganese Dioxide & Manganese Sulphates. Usage of these three products are in almost all the industries, For Example – Cattle Feeds, Water Purification, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Chemicals, Paints, Glass Manufacturing industries, Aromatic Chemicals, Effluent Treatment Plants, Tanneries, Welding Rods etc.

MS Group’s two established units: (1) M.S. Mining & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. & (2) H.P. Ore Processors Pvt. Ltd. will take care of producing 2000 Megatons of Manganese Oxide, Dioxide & Sulphate per month. The capacity can be increased any given time, since we have our own raw material source available in 5 areas.

MS Group has a tremendous growth in last 6 years and has also increased manufacturing and processing capacity by 50%. Today we are the largest extractor and processor of Manganese Ore in India with well-developed technology & infrastructure to make a sure efficient delivery to the clients any part of the world. Our own laboratory is always on watch to maintain consistency in quality throughout.

H.P. Ore Processors Pvt. Ltd. is now targeting exports to the middle east, south-east Asia, and Europe & America. We are ready with complete quality certifications according to international norms to deliver at competitive rates at any given destination around the world.

It is needless to say, all the above made it possible due to our skilled employees working at our mines, factories & offices with their extreme level of sincerity, hard work & intelligence. We make sure they are always satisfied & happy in life.


  1. Largest extractor and processor of Manganese Ore in the state and selling all over the India.
  2. FAMI-QS certified company to fulfill the international standard for clients.
  3. The first unit in Asia which have In-house build automated drying machine.
  4. The processing unit is capable of processing and provides 2000 Megaton of Manganese Oxide, Manganese Dioxide and Manganese Sulphate every Month.
  5. Largest furnace with the capacity of 25 ton at a time and 5 other furnaces with 10 ton capacity each.

Sister Companies of M.S Group

M/s H.P. Ore Processors Pvt. Ltd. (Processing Plant)

M/s M.S. Mining & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (Processing Plant)

M/s M.S. Minerals (Mining)

M/s. Tea Estate Ooty


Mining division, Iron Ore Beneficiation plant H.P. Ore Processor Pvt. Ltd. has done MOU with Madhya Pradesh Govt. to set up of Iron Ore Beneficiation plant in Jabalpur district, with a total investment of Rs. 30 Crore.

The company is carry on the business of mining consultancy and trading in factory machinery, manufacturing & export, import, purchase, sell, repair, assemble, supervise installation or otherwise deal in all types of mining machines, tools etc.

The company hold acquire mines, mining lease, mining licences, mining rights, mining claims and metalliferous lands and to explore, search work, exercise, develop, treat, fine and to turn to account, ores, all sorts of major and minor minerals, working deposits of all kind of minerals and sub-oil minerals and to crush, win set, quarry, smelt, calcine, refine, dress, preserve, amalgamate, manufacture, manage, manipulate and prepare for market of ore, metal and mineral substances of all kind and to carry on metallurgical operations in all its branches.

The company prepare, process, manufacture, assemble, fabricate, cast, fit, press, machine, treat, weld, harden, plate, temper, anneal any kind of metals and consequent products.

We are lucky enough getting huge and regular order to supply our product in domestic market. Our customers are Atul Ltd., Charbhuja Ltd., N. J. Agro Chemicals, Aim Metallic, Vishmita Ltd., Shivam Alums Ltd., etc. We care our customer more than us and always keep the commitment with supplying them the best quality product.



As the whole, we are rich in mineral resources and within 3 years will be the largest producer of Manganese Ore and laterite and Iron Ore. This will help us to control our cost of plant production and will be the market leader for quality, quantity, and competitive prices. Also we are having the highly skilled team to execute work in any condition. We are sound in modern technology and have an expert for R&D. We have strong confidence and believe in our honesty, hard labor and adequate knowledge on all subjects, what we are doing. Our mission to grow socio–economic status in remote areas.