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An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and Leading Producer of Manganese Ore


This is some text!M.S. Group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company start in the year 2010-2011. It started through Dreams of far vision of an Engineer. One of the Director of Company is Mining Engineer having experience of 2(two) decades. Being Mining Engineer had thoughts for Mineral Conservation for limited resources Mineral like “Manganese Ore”, Thought made planning for a smooth Operation of “Manganese Ore”, “Iron Ore” & “Bauxite” Mines & Industry and at last execution started by the strong effort.

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Our Working Areas

HP Ore Processor

HP Ore Processor

Established in the year 2007. H.P.Ore Processor Private Limited is an integrated exporter, manufacturer, and trader engaged in producing Manganese Oxide & Manganese Di- Oxide and various Manganese Ore and allied products.


We are rich in mineral resources and within 3 yrs will be the large producer of Manganese Ore, laterite, and iron ore. This will help us to control our plant production cost and will be the market leader for quality, quantity, and competitive price. We also having very high skilled and experienced team to execute the process in any condition.
We adopt maximum modern technologies and have expert for R&D.
We have strong confidence and believe in our honesty, hard labor and adequate knowledge on all subjects, what we are doing. Our mission is to grow social – economic status in remotes areas.

Our Skills & Ethics

  • Engineering99%
  • Experience100%
  • Safety100%
  • Safety and Health Inspection50%
  • Environmental Engineering60%
  • Environmental Consulting50%

Inside Preview

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